pCLAMP Clampex 10 Hasp HL Dongle

pCLAMP Clampex 10 Test witj Hasp HL Dongle Clone


pCLAMP ten code Suite

The Axon™ pCLAMP™ code Suite is that the most widely-used patch-clamp electrophysiology

knowledge acquisition and analysis program for management and recording of voltage-clamp, current-clamp, and patch-clamp experiments.

The code suite consists of:

nerve fibre Clampex ten code for knowledge acquisition
nerve fibre AxoScope ten code for background recording
nerve fibre Clampfit ten code for knowledge analysis
Clampfit Advanced Analysis module (optional) for stylish and efficient analysis.

Clampex ten Software—Flexible knowledge Acquisition

Clampex ten is made on the previous version 10, that already incorporates a powerful intrinsical feature set.

Enhancements include:

Improved Protocol Editor—features up to fifty Epochs and 5X increase sweep period
increased Gap-free mode—able to execute episodic-style epochs and program of digital and analog outputs
Redesigned Membrane Test—enables viewing and individual dominant of multiple channels at the same time within the same window

Clampfit ten Software—Smart knowledge Analysis

Clampfit ten code offers a comprehensive palette of tools for knowledge analysis.

Highlights include:

Up to twenty five indicator pairs permit additional choice for regions of interest
Graph plotting tools like I-V plot and bar chart
knowledge learning like filtering and baseline adjustment
Fitting and applied math analysis
Event detection together with templet Search, Threshold search, and monophonic search