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PanelMetrix MDF Door Software Test with Aladdin HASP HL Dongle


Panelmetrix could be a door and drawer panel generating system. The Panelmetrix program consists of assorted “geometry templates” to supply nearly any type of door and drawer.

Panelmetrix permits the whole day’s orders to be entered via its the straightforward-to-use interface.

It then creates an optimized program to machine the entire batch out of MDF sheets. A secondary program is formed to machine the backs of windowed panels when the finishing process. The Panelmetrix program optimizes material and power operations.


Windows & Back Machining

Creates a secondary NC file with appropriate procedures for the machining of the backs of windowed/mullion doors. (All applicable door styles.)

  • The code produced is not merely a large pocketing routine, but rather specific operations that trim the opening, clear behind the mullions and sizes the overall opening.
  • The routines will perform a two-step process in order to produce a smooth finish.
  • Secondary “clear up” pass available to minimize corner radii.
  • Secondary T-Grooving pass available to create undercut groove for glass retaining “Gasket”.

Multi-Panel Option

Allows the user to create larger panels made up of multiple doors styles with control over sizes, spacing and adjustments of rail and stile widths.

  • Up to six (6) segments in a vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Calculates and generates appropriate NC code for back machining of embedded windowed doors, if the Windows & Back Machining Option is enabled.
Valences & Wine Racks

Circle, Square, Diamond and Octagon Wine Racks.

  • Fixed and automatic calculations.
  • Linear and staggered patterns.

Roman, Cathedral, Colonial, Peak and Step Valences.


PanelMetrix MDF Door Features

  •  Square Cornering with Beveled Tools.
  • Top/Bottom Depth References.
  • Finish Thickness Compensation.
  • Selectable Square Edge Cuts.
  • Variable Panel Optimizing Spacing. (based on Outside Profiles)
  • Exterior Corner Rounding.
  • Redo’s and Redo Optimization Priority.
  • Multi-Sheet Job Optimization. (Multiple Jobs per Batch)
  • Batch Management for Production and Development.



In the developing construction sector, very stylish and useful houses are now being built. While one type of houses were built in the past, now quite a variety of different houses are being built. In addition to changing house types, door types and models also vary and vary. It is desired that the doors be compatible with both the furniture and the wall-ceiling.

At this point, the most preferred door types are door types with different color options. With its quality stance and different color options, MDF CNC doors are frequently preferred in home decorations today.

What is MDF door

MDF door; It is a type of door made of extremely high quality, easy-to-process materials that do not deteriorate the carvings and patterns created on it.

Mdf door types can be processed with CNC. Therefore, giving patterns and shapes is a very easy process. Choosing can be difficult as there are so many models and patterns. Therefore, the color of the door can be chosen in accordance with the wall and furniture. These doors are also waterproof and fireproof.

Why is MDF door so preferred?

MDF doors undertake the task of sound insulation. They are quite resistant to impacts. In addition, it provides instant protection like fire and prevents the fire from escalating.

When building a house, it may be desirable to get away cheap. And the paint, the door, the furniture can be cheap. However, an important product such as a door should not be cheap.

For this reason, MDF CNC doors, which are affordable, can be preferred.