Notifier VeriFire Tools 10 Test with Softlock Dongle Clone.

VeriFire Medium computer program enables you to transfer ordownload programs between a laptop

and therefore the following devices:AFP-100,   AFP-200,   AFP-300, AFP-400, AFC-600, andUZC-256.Note:

VeriFire isn’t supposed for permanent association to the fireplace system.This document contains directions for putting in

Veri Fire software and running the programs facilitate files. the assistance filescontain directions for connecting a laptop to the fireplace controldevice.

Notifier VeriFire Tools

VeriFire Tools is a programming, testing and reporting program that can dramatically reduce installation and programming time and increase confidence in site-specific configurations.
Version control programming

The VeriFire tool allows easy control of system configuration versions using the options creation project. The version number is automatically incremented by one or can be changed manually.

Under Open Project, click + to view all older versions

Connect the Noti-Fire-Net directly to high-speed NCM via USB or use an RS232-to-NUP cable for NCM. Once connected, right click on the project and you will be given the option Download Project.

Enter the password 00000000 and use the non-640 series option. If all passwords are the same, the passwords can be edited individually.

Enter the password and use the Non-640 Series option if all the passwords are the same. Passwords can be edited individually. Select the node you wish to download by checking the box in the selection column. Select Authentication. Then you will be presented with the highlighted download options. Then all panels will be downloaded, all validation errors except critical errors will be ignored.

Commissioning in related life safety services (CLSS)

We will discuss more in a future topic.

Commissioning report

Panel report

Generate PDF reports to view full panel reports


Select detectors and modules from the drop-down menu. Uploaded database should not take more than 20 minutes and you must be logged in. This report shows when the detector was tested and the current drift compensation status. This report must be uploaded before the next download because all data will be reset after download. The builder must sign this report if the upholstery will be removed too early at the construction site.

Save the project as level 2 and so on

Remember, Save As saves the project but doesn’t open it. This allows you to save level 1 separately for later comparison.

Compare nodes

Compare Level 1 with Level 2 to ensure that no changes are made to the part of the building that has been ordered. Australian Standard 1670.1: 2018 requires: “Changes to existing systems must be fully designed, installed and tested, including a recalculation of power requirements to ensure that there are no adverse effects on existing installations and equipment.”

Open the first program, usually the one you were working on in phase 2, and compare it to other phase 1 projects.

The differences are highlighted

The battery calculation tool is used to ensure that the power adapter and battery have sufficient capacity to provide power to the system.

You can also download a label assistance program to create and print labels for all AFP-3030 notification modules. Print directly from labels. Make it easier to save as a PDF, resize the printout a little, and the labels won’t fit properly.