Notifier ID5x-6x Series Support Tool Test With a Custom Key

PK-ID50 / 60 Configuration program for ID50 / 60 control units
PK-ID50 / 60

Notifier ID5x-6x Series Software for the programming, offline, of the ID50 and ID60 analogue exchanges (REF 002-456-001).

Allows system configuration and editing of analog field devices (detectors and modules).

System style and Planning It is assumed that the system, of that theID5x/6x panel could be a half, has been designed bya competent hearth alarm system designer inaccordance with the needs of EN54Part fourteen, bachelor’s degree 5839 half 1: 1998 and any other local codes of apply that are applicable.

System configuration files will be prepared using any IBM-compatible computer in offline mode,(i.e. you are doing not have to be compelled to be connected to thepanel itself throughout knowledge preparation).
Only whether system configuration file is complete does the computer would like to be connected shortly to the panel.

Then an easy operation, initiated with a few keystrokes and taking solely a few minutes, is enough to program the information intothe panel.In addition, you’ll be able to at first connect your PCto the fireplace board to browse the information from the panel – this takes solely a number of seconds. ThePC will then be disconnected from the pane land emotional to a a lot of convenient place foredating.

Once written material is complete the computer interconnected to the panel and therefore the emended data sent to the panel. throughout the browse and send operations the panel remains purposeful, except during the transient fundamental measure needed for data transfer.

it is suggested that the Support Tool run son AN IBM PC-AT compatible, Pentium-class PC, running below Windows XP with SP2with 32MBytes of memory and with Internet Explorer four, or later. The computer should be equipped with a minimum of one port and (preferably)one printer port. For optimum performance itis suggested that the computer has, as minimum, 32MBytes of free memory (RAM)and 35MBytes of free arduous disk house. The PC monitor ought to be organized with a screen resolution of a minimum of 800 x 600 pixels.

Notifier ID5x-6x Series Start the Tool and, from the facilitate menu,select the evidence possibility. The Authenticate dialogue window is displayed.2Note the client code and send it to your company’s authorized representative. solely the authorised representative might apply for the authentication license key. The client code must be submitted (together with the other requested data) mistreatment AN electronic Authentication passcode request, on the market by e-mail from: