Norland Illuminatus DXA Test With Hasp HL Dongle Emulator / Clone

Norland Illuminatus DXA

Unusual Hip Sling with the foot separator helps the leg in order
that the femur is correctly and with no trouble rotated to continuously
function the femur neck perpendicular to the X-ray beam.
The HiPrecise Auto Centering feature ensures that spine information is
based in the region of interest, taking out the need for time-drinking sufferer
repositioning inherent with different technologies.
Trended sufferer knowledge quick and long term exchange displays
trending of sufferer knowledge
offering the clinician with know-how valuable in choosing the success of treatment.
Automated analysis makes scan analysis quicker and extra exact.
If the patient has been beforehand scanned,
HiPrecise makes use of the normal inter-vertebral spacing.
ClearEdge- high Density factor detection and Exclusion functions warn the
operator if metallic used to be detected during the auto centering.
This device permits for comprise/exclude points, for getting rid of artifact,
and Angulated Cursors, for outlining inter-vertebral separations of
AP backbone scans requiring extra than simply horizontal cursor placement.
This is particularly useful in patients with Scoliosis.
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