NeoTicker EOD / Scan Workshop Sentinel Hasp Dongle Clone

NeoTicker EOD / Scan Workshop Test With Sentinel Hasp Dongle Clone.


Advanced technical stock analysis program for traders whose interest is in end-of-day stock activity”
– yank Association of Individual Investors

NeoTicker® EOD is TickQuest’s advanced technical analysis program
for traders whose primary interest is analyzing end-of-day knowledge.

This program may be a complete resolution. From advanced charting to scanning tools, to systematic commercialism tools,

NeoTicker® EOD is that the solely program you may ever want.

Scan Workshop is currently a part of NeoTicker EOD.

If you pay plenty of your time observing stock charts to search out profitable setups, Scan Workshop is that the tool for you.

Scan Workshop is that the final software system to search out commercialism setups out of many stocks.

The software system includes several intrinsic  scans therefore you’ll be able to begin scanning in no time. for max flexibility you’ll be able to simply founded your own scan as a result of Scan Workshop relies on an advance charting platform.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned merchant, Scan Workshop is an essential analysis tool for commercialism stocks.