Nemo Outdoor – Invex 7.8 Test With Sentinel Hasp Dongle Emulator / Clone

Nemo Outdoor pioneer in radio system estimation apparatuses offers a full drive test answer for

remote system testing/portable system testing, investigating, and advancement

Nemo Outdoor is a portable workstation based drive test instrument for remote system testing

which underpins more than 300 terminals and filtering beneficiaries from different sellers and all real

system advancements, including most recent innovations, for example, 3 bearer collection,

LTE Cat 12 gadgets, VoLTE/ViLTE, VoWiFi/ViWiFi, and eMBMS testing.

Nemo Outdoor

A solitary programming stage in addition to particularity implies flexibility,

empowering you to tailor the drive test item definitely to your necessities.

In remote system testing Nemo Outdoor’s capable programming stage works for all

remote advances and for various convention and application testing choices.

It is additionally the main versatile estimation arrangement that offers numerous concurrent information

association estimations and keeps running on a solitary portable workstation.

The discretionary Nemo Media Router, the Anite exclusive (patent pending) correspondences interface and application,

empowers straightforward and gainful arrangement of Android-based cell phones in information

benchmarking and voice quality estimations by using the cell phones’ autonomous limit all the more viably.

Nemo Outdoor produces estimation records from remote system drive tests in the open

ASCII Nemo File Format, empowering fast and simple investigating and examination,

utilizing Anite’s or outsider post-preparing instruments.

The item additionally bolsters versatile system testing of the

cutting edge voice and video quality innovation POLQA and PEVQ-S.

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