MZX CONSYS Programming Software Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

MZX CONSYS Programming Software Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone / Emulator

MZX CONSYS could be a powerful Windows compatible programming tool that provides full system programming functions and project configuration and issue management.

MZX CONSYS may be used with all MZX Technology management panels.

This extremely versatile and very powerful programming tool has been used with success with MZX since day one. Specially designed for MZX, it’s being perpetually extended and improved to fulfill ever ever-changing demands.


Windows primarily based
Programs the system across multiple subpanels
Downloads to the system from one purpose
Supports remote dial in capability
Provides code transfer likewise as configuration transfer
electronic device protected
Provides full project configuration printouts

MZX CONSYS additionally supports automatic information transfer to MZX GRAPH, graphical mimic and alarm management systems.