Müller MüCAD 4.15 Software Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Müller MüCAD 4.15 Software Test With Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

MÜCAD – Pattern creation and programming software package
Creation of patterns and programming for electronically controlled Jacquard machines.
Important options
Simultaneous action between image [design], pattern [Pdesign] and weave simulation
Weft and warp patterning for Jacquard machines up to 6144 hooks
Programming of electronically controlled harness frames and drives [VARISPEED, VARIPICK, thread transports etc.]
Base station expandable with parallel stations
Operating system: Windows
Hardware in accordance with Müller specifications
DIGICOLOR – extra software package for MÜCAD

Conversion of high-resolution pictures for the digital weaving method and also the programming of electronically controlled Jacquard machines.
For labels, cards, pictures, place mats, scarves, calendars, etc.

The increasing unfold of MICROSOFT’s Windows ten software package has prompted U.S. to more develop our MÜCAD software to be used on this platform and therefore retain our ability to supply you with economical, future-oriented style software package. aside from Windows ten, the new software package version is equally compatible with Windows seven and eight, and so the four.1 MÜCAD software package replaces all its predecessors, i.e. MÜCAD 3.7 and older.