Mindray Hypervisor VI Safenet Microdog Dongle

Mindray Hypervisor VI Test with Safenet Microdog Dongle Clone


HYPERVISOR VI Central observance System provides an entire resolution for computer network,

wireless computer network, and measurement networking in hospitals.

Combining effective and versatile observance with refined clinical support tools and intuitive program,

HYPERVISOR VI improves operating potency and helps you to produce higher take care of patients.

Supported a Microsoft Windows platform, exploitation HYPERVISOR VI needs no further laptop experience.

Additional options embody
· Capable of observance thirty two patients, expandable to sixty four patients with one Central observance Station
· Multiple CMSs are often interlinked, and patients among one CMS are often viewed from the other CMS with correct authorization
· CMS viewer allows you to look at patient data from a private laptop in your workplace, or anyplace among the network
· Clinical support tools embody time period trend show, tabular and graphic trend review and calculation tools
· Up to seventy two hours of full revelation waveforms over 256 channels, which might even be modified to 240 hours over sixty four channels
· Screen layout and practicality are often customised in keeping with your clinical needs
· Bi-directional management improves the potency of care groups
· Dedicated HL7 information output to a hospital’s Clinical system
· ADT interface makes patient admission, discharge and transfer additional convenient