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CNC Plasma Cutting Software from MG Systems and Welding

OmniCAD Nest is designed for part design and nesting together in one application. OmniCAD Nest files can be used by the Global Control or Burny® CNC control. Created by Messer, it unites OmniCAD, a powerful CAD system for part design; OmniMacro, for generating parts with parameterized macros for standard shapes; and OmniNest, a program for part nesting.



Includes 91 standard shape macros that save time drawing standard parts such as rectangles, circles, rings, and more.
Macros can be inserted into existing drawings.
Allows setting of defaults for type of machine, material, and thickness.


Nesting includes automatic collision control.
Manual nesting and row-and-column nesting are included in base package.
Part placement from an optical parts list onto a defined plate by drag and drop.
Auto or manual definition of cut sequence.
Fully automatic nesting (with true shape nesting) is optional.

Messer OmniCAD

AutoCAD® files in DXF or DWG formats can be imported. New drawings can also be created and saved in DXF or DWG formats.
Specially designed CAD system for construction of cut parts.
Drawings can be imported from AutoCAD® (DXF, DWG, or IGES formats).
CAD features include zoom and construction commands, modify functions, layering, and dimensioning.


Customized Reports

Reports can be created that include such data as part quantity, cut length, mark length, area, material, thickness, weight, customer name, deliver date and more.
Choose from several report templates or easily create your own.

Messer OmniCAD Additional Functions:
Import Image Files

Raster to vector conversion.
Create DXF or DWG files for common image files such as BMP, JPG, DIB, PNG, TIF, and PGM.
Scanned images can become cut parts.


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