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DesignShop V10

DesignShop V10 Specifications

One word describes DesignShop V10—User-Friendly. Outstanding vector compatibility, and one hundred sixty+ embroidery.

Ffonts combine to make DSV10 exceedingly valuable to the embroidery fashion designer.

Here is a quick evaluate of the maximum first-rate capabilities:

Outstanding Vector Compatibility Now, whilst you load a vector photo into DSV10, a raster preview is mechanically generated.

This enables you to recreate the exact look and style of the layout, inclusive of blends or gradients.
25 New PREMIUM Embroidery Fonts Expanding on our catalog of a hundred and sixty+ embroidery fonts, we have added a spread of famous,

great embroidery fonts and monograms. Purchased personally, those fonts could cost masses of greenbacks every.

They are optimized to embroider fantastically on Melco embroidery machines.

Each font changed into carefully decided on based totally on industry call for.

These are real embroidery fonts, not character characters that require sizing, placement, kerning and spacing changes.

In addition to traditional alphabet characters in upper and lower case, these fonts contain numbers, symbols and euro characters.

Hassle-Free Lettering!
DesignShop V10 takes lettering to the next degree with functions like manipulate point editing,

improved stitch modifying and automatic borders.

DesignShop V10 features state-of-the-art lettering skills for all embroidery alphabets as well as true type conversions.

You may even create your very own alphabets.

Production Tools
New production gear include cloth profiles that allow customers to store layout records,

including sew densities, to specific fabrics or practice fabric profiles to particular designs.

Also, design statistics may additionally now be published with bar codes.

Use a bar code reader at each time to remember the design, eliminating the want to search for design documents on hard drives or disks.