Logiciels PROGES 22 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Logiciels PROGES 22 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Presentation of PROGES and main functions

PROGES software covers both the manufacture of aluminum and PVC joinery

(flow calculation program, cutting, management of machining centers …) that the commercial part, ie estimate, billing management.

This software is therefore intended for all manufacturers of aluminum and PVC frames. The PROGES program is multi-range, multi-vendor and multi-designer.

Our software exists in single and network version, the network version can be used with “Terminal Server” for remote use.

Manufacturing – Optimization – Orders – Stock: Manufacturing management program (flow rates, optimizations, orders to suppliers, stock management …)

– Technical Quote – Invoices – Price Grids: Quote creation program, invoices and price grids. The calculations are based on the use of the actual flow rates and drop rates (Requires the acquisition of the Manufacturing module).

– Quick Quote – Invoices – Pricing Grids: Quote creation program, invoices and price grids based on the so-called “quick calculation” method

– Links D.A.O: Automatic generation of horizontal and vertical sections listed according to the chassis of a case.

– Calculation of Inertia: Calculation of the necessary inertia of the profiles of facades, roof of veranda, cheneaux, sleepers subjected to the weight of the glazing. Consideration of regions, wind and snow pressure, calculation note with proof.

– Theoretical calculation: Calculation of the coefficients Uw, Sw, Tlw of a window or set composed with calculation note and justification of the computation. Real calculations, approximate, by table. Creation of the CE labels.

– Site management: Optional program of quote modules. Management of time and purchases by site, planned, realized, details, cumulative, historical, margins …

– Cutting software: Cutting optimization software for Windows only.

– Planning: Optional software for the management of time management