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About Liebherr

Liebherr is not only one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery. The over forty eight,000 staff conjointly facilitate to shape technological advances in several alternative industries. The Liebherr Group continues to be managed by the Liebherr family.


Liebherr LinDiag Diagnostic Dongle Company Profile

The Liebherr cluster contains a decentralised structure structure and comprises eleven product divisions. the very best level of management within the cluster could be a shareholders’ committee created up solely of members of the Liebherr family.


The structure structure of the cluster

The Liebherr cluster is organized decentrally and divided into eleven product divisions, that operate autonomously. The company is Liebherr-International silver. It fulfills directive, coordinating and monitoring functions. This structure ensures uniformity concerning central company matters and, at constant time, makes it potential to react quickly to promote demands.


Liebherr-International silver in Bulle (Switzerland) is that the central holding company of the cluster. the very best echelon of this Swiss enterprise is the administrative board. It fulfills not solely management however conjointly monitoring functions. As members of the higher-up board, the active shareholders of the Liebherr family type the organisation. This body decides on all elementary matters regarding company policy, development and merchandise policy similarly as monetary and investment policy.

Liebherr LinDiag Diagnostic Dongle

Areas of responsibility

Among Liebherr-International AG’s central portfolio of departments are finance and accounting, auditing, human resources, corporate communication, organization and IT, logistics, legal and insurance, compliance management and dominant. The portfolio is organized in central areas that are managed by the board of the holding company.


Autonomously in operation business units

The product areas of the cluster are touch eleven divisions, which are every managed operatively by the dominant company of the division. This decentralised structure promotes and facilitates operations during a tailored and target-orientated manner at intervals the respective product space, whether or not or not it’s analysis and development, production, selling or sales and distribution.