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LAFOT Studio Based in 1986, Lafot became famous as the one Polish brand of

photographic machines known as minilabs. The fully Polish company

employs domestic specialists who’re known for his or her wide abilities

and long-standing expertise. Jan Lalek, the founder and the owner,

has at all times been serious about photography.

A physicist by way of schooling, an inventor by avocation he combined

his expertise in lots of fields (electronics, chemistry, optics, colorimetry) to

create revolutionary designs. His ardor and passion have been two primary

features which helped him construct devices like color analyser or darkroom

light meter within the complicated time of Communism. In the early ninety’s the

market of such guide apparatus as well as automatic enlargers started to cut

down and the process of constructing images was once now a domain of machines.

Following the worldwide tendency, Lafot launched into the production their own minilabs

without a help from significant corporations, no license and without conducting giant financial outlays.

The first Polish minilab used to be announced to the market in 1994 and its construction

used to be a quantum leap within the organization’s history. Precise mechanics, evolved

optics and controlling program have been created from the scratch with the aid of Lafot.

Within the following years, the analog minilabs have been converted into the digital ones

and what is the fundamental they had been tremendously acclaimed.

There are about 600 items working now throughout the globe.

In the year 2006, the worldwide photographic industry collapsed, so as a result the

organization ceased the minilab creation and targeted their attention on setting up a

distinct laboratory apparatus, reminiscent of reference LED light sources, high precision

spectrometers and other various measuring equipment used within the fields of optics,

colorimetry and ESD measurements at the present time,

Lafot is a organization which designs, develops and introduces specialised contraptions

for other European firms, or in cooperation with them.