Juki HLC Sentinel UltraPro Dongle Clone

Juki HLC Test With Sentinel UltraPro Dongle Clone / Emulator


Host Line pc package

Juki’s Host Line pc package offers a flexible tool set to optimize the programming and assembly method likewise because the

production and quality management of your SMT lines. supported a typical WindowsTM platform, HLC is powerful and straightforward to use. (comes with a typical PC)

quick and straightforward set-up of the location program.
Increase of productivity.
Production and quality management assistant.
Board viewer.
HLC is that the line management package that produces the standard idea work. On HLC one production file is created and emended and so optimized for the whole line during a single step. HLC can divide the assembly job among every machine within the line, considering every machine’s capabilities because it will. The result are a file optimized and balanced over the whole line. different vital options of HLC embrace job cluster to attenuate transmutation time, line observation, and job programming. HLC connects to the machines via LAN and may even be connected to the corporate network.