InfoVista Tems Pocket Sony Xperia Premium G8141 G8142

InfoVista Tems Pocket Sony Xperia Premium G8141 G8142 Custom License


Ultraportable network testing resolution for indoor and out of doors

Wireless operators have to be compelled to collect knowledge from their networks to check and live coverage and quality.

However, it isn’t invariably sensible to get network info with drive-test solutions,

notably with over half today’s calculable knowledge traffic and calls generated from indoor environments.

TEMS Pocket may be a phone-based check tool developed for mensuration,

the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks.

The tool collects measure and event knowledge for immediate observance or for process by TEMS Discovery or different tools at a later time.

Uniquely, it currently includes increased indoor positioning capabilities,

that dramatically modify knowledge assortment. It resolves location positioning from the

TEMS Pocket device, that replaces heritage pinpointing techniques. It offers bigger accuracy and allows groups to easily start and go,

removing the dependency on external communication.

Test your network from
the perspective of your users!

New device: Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Additional presentation capabilities to support 4×4 MIMO and 4CA

The recent TEMS Pocket unharness superimposed support for Sony Xperia XZ Premium, an LTE Cat.

sixteen device with VoLTE support, and enlarged its presentation capabilities of 4×4 MIMO

with choices to look at the data either in an exceedingly line chart format or in an exceedingly bar format.

Perform a deeper analysis throughout a live session of 4CA

View up to four carriers being assigned  to the device at the same time either as a close read from the

LTE Cell Configuration screen or as a outline read on the LTE Cell List screen.