Imos iX 3D CAD/CAM 2019 Test with Sentinel HL Clone.


Are you a designer of interiors and furniture? Then Imos iX 3D CAD/CAM is that the excellent answer for you. With Imos you construct and visualise furnishings, fabricate blueprints and BOMs and directly command your CNC machine.

Imos iX 3D CAD/CAM The ‘i’ in ‘iX’ stands for innovation and integration, the X is for eXchange and conneXion.

Translated this means:

✓ information exchange between applications through the complete method of sales and production
✓ Complete answer for sales and production of furnishings and interior objects in accordance with trade commonplace four.0

Imos iX consists of a range of modules, that the software system may be utilized in an exceedingly approach that suits your company’s needs. With the Imos iX CAD module you’ll visualise a best 3D model of the custom furnishings for your shopper. Afterwards, Imos iX provides you with all the technical details for preparation, like saw lists, drilling patterns and a listing of needed purchases. The Imos iX CAM module directly converts all information from the 3D model into a CNC output. Imos iX doesn’t rely upon a 1 specific machine, which means it will work with all sorts of CNC-machines.

Any organisation that manufactures and styles (custom) furnishings and interiors will use Imos iX. The software system is totally targeted on your line of business, creating it match seamlessly absolutely together with your daily and future business needs