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IMMI Noise Prediction

IMMI – The Noise Mapping software
IMMI covers a extensive range of applications starting from noise

mapping to air air pollution modelling.

IMMI integrates each noise and air air pollution in a single software bundle.

In this part we will be able to pay attention to the aspects of IMMI in

particular designed for noise mapping and noise prediction.

In these fields, IMMI is likely one of the leading applications global.

With its modular design and rate-list, IMMI will also be tailor-made to the person’s desires and budgets – ask for important points.
IMMI is always adapted to fulfill the requisites of evolving regulations and specifications.

Depending on the calculation system,

IMMI calculates Leq, Lday, Levening, Lnight, Lden, LAmax, L10 and other sound or statistical symptoms.
Currently IMMI can be equipped with:
noise calculation ways for avenue visitors noise, railway traffic noise, air transport noise and industrial/leisure noise
greater than 20 countrywide and international noise calculation approaches
Noise Mapping won additional value with the arrival of Directive 2002/forty nine/EC on the subject of the comparison and administration

of environmental noise. IMMI is prepared with a full set of functions to provide Strategic Noise Maps of predominant roads,

predominant railways, main airports and major agglomerations.
Noise propagation calculation ways consistent with 2002/49/EC: road visitors Noise: XP S 31-133/NMPB+consultant du

Bruit – Railway Noise: RMR-SRM II-1996 – Industrial Noise: ISO 9613-2 – aircraft Noise: ECAC. CEAC Doc. 29 and all European countrywide approaches.
3 applications available! IMMI is to be had in any of the three following programs,

every of which incorporates yet another fee tag and roughly facets.
IMMI normal is a at ease entry-level into the arena of noise mapping.
IMMI Plus is the next move upwards to model, calculate, analyse and gift tasks of varying size.
IMMI top rate is the best authentic tool for noise prediction and tremendous-scale noise mapping.
The IMMI user-interface is to be had in a form of languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and extra to come.
IMMI support process and manuals are available in English and German.
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