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Geological Interpretation Software

IHS Petra Sentinel Advance your workflows to seek out a lot of oil and gas. Petra® may be a efficient software system resolution for managing, manipulating and visualizing integrated earth science, geology and engineering information. Geologists, engineers, technicians and analysts use Petra for exploration, exploitation, infill drilling, reserves analysis,unconventional plays, production analysis and a lot of. With Petra, you’ll be able to quickly visualize results victimization mapping, cross-sections, unstable interpretations, log plots, cross-plots, production and reservoir analysis, and 3D visualisation. to maximise your subscription, IHS Markit offers technical support still as Petra coaching courses at choose locations and on website, by request.

IHS Petra Sentinel

Ranked high within the higher right quadrant of the Welling Report for easy-to-use earth science interpretation software system, Petra permits you to: Expedite drilling selections with shorter cycle times Integrate massive IHS well, production and log datasets Quickly outline reservoirs and prospects specialize in analysis instead of map-making Analyze mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Petra Module enables you to create customizable cross-section displays to optimize well location selection. Choose one of four cross sections that best fit your workflow:

  • Single well – Display one well for analysis and printing
  • Well-to-well – Connect selected wells in a line
  • Line and wells – Display a projection line that features hand-picked wells
  • Line and corridor – Display a projection line that features selected wells from a rectangular corridor around the line