Holter CardioScan 11 Test With Sentinel Dongle Emulator / Clone

Holter CardioScan

* Holter analysis for Arrhythmias, ST, Pauses, QT, Blocks
* coronary heart rate Variability with Spectral and Time domain analysis
* Multi-Day Serial Atrial Fibrillation evaluation
* QTc Validation application
* SAECG Late Potentials with Vectorcardiography
* Pacemaker evaluation
* three or 12-Lead ECG Strips
* colour Coded Full-Disclosure and Coded-Print outs
* T-Wave Alternans – validated (12)
* 12-Lead Holter Recordings Processing (12)
* 12-Lead ST and QT evaluation (12)
* Transferable to electronic patient records
* home windows XP and Vista suitable
DMS300-3A Digital Recorder integrated
* Pacemaker Detection
* Recording Time: 48 Hours
* built in 256 Mb of reminiscence
* laptop connection USB cable
* 1 AAA battery
* 5-Lead Cable
* Pouch
* dimension: 7.Three x 5.4 x 2.0 cm
* Weight: 38 g or 50 g (with battery)

most efficient has redefined diagnostic Holter ECG systems:

the association of a brand new Holter ECG recording technological

know-how and a couple of diagnostic checks certainly not carried out in

Holter ECG software prior to us ! No extra hardware being required for the

computer or the Printer,

this new science can be set up on any computer or computer that utilizes home windows XP or Vista..

if need a dongle please contact us.