Helix delta-T6 Dynamic Analysis Version 6 Special License

Helix delta-T6 Dynamic Analysis Version 6 Special License

HELIX delta-T could be a powerful pc code package developed to help handling style engineers and

instrumentation suppliers with conveyor design and optimization.

Helix Technologies’ analysis and development of this code began in 1992 and delta-T

currently has over k users in twenty five countries WHO rely on the program to supply consistent,

correct and value effective belt conveyor and material handling styles. options of the new delta-T version half dozen program include:

Automatic choice of Belt and Tension, Power Calculations.

instrumentation choice from Databases for Belts, Idlers, Pulleys & Shafts, Gearboxes, Motors, Fluid Couplings, Brakes etc.

New instrumentation databases for Shaft and Drive couplings and conveyor holdbacks are superimposed in version half dozen

Draw a sketch of the conveyor Profile and conjointly read a scale drawing and a 3D model of the conveyor – use

Drag and Drop to feature Pulleys, Drives, loading Hoppers

Calculate dished and convex Vertical Curves as well as belt set off radii, edge tensions and centre tensions

Horizontal Curve calculations – style semicircular conveyors as well as banking angle and belt drift calculations for all operative conditions

Calculate exploitation CEMA, ISO 5048 or the new elastic technique for low resistance rubber belts

Add any range of Conveyor Pulleys, Drives, Loading points, Trippers, Brakes etc.

Over seventy reports will be viewed, written or exported to Word, PDF files or surpass etc.

you’ll merge multiple elite reports into one PDF file.

Delta-T6 has been utterly re-written in Microsoft Visual Studio and uses

the most recent code development tools from Microsoft. it’s written in an exceedingly

development language known as C# and uses the MS Common Language Runtime compiled for

.Net with xml information. This technology is that the latest obtainable from

Microsoft and this makes it compatible with the most recent operative systems as well as

Windows XP, visual percept and Windows seven and ten and conjointly 32bit and 64bit systems.

A new version of the program that has full Dynamic Analysis capabilities has been accessible in Helix delta-T since 2003.
This version calculates the transient belt Tensions and Velocities throughout beginning and stopping of a conveyor. It will model the conveyer transient behaviour throughout beginning totally Loaded, beginning Empty, Stopping totally Loaded and Stopping Empty.

This recreate of the program that has full Dynamic Analysis capabilities is crucial for coming up with high hopped-up conveyors and long land conveyors. The Dynamic analysis version includes the quality and skilled versions of the package.

The program permits the user to input any range of Drives or Brakes and allows for input of Drive force / Speed curves, Delay times, Braking Torques, Flywheels and inertia effects. once the Dynamic Calculations are performed, the user will read and Print 2 dimensional and surface plot 3 dimensional graphs for Belt Tensions, Belt Velocities, Strain rates and Takeup movement versus time step for all points on the conveyor.

The Dynamic calculation method uses subtle Variable Step Runge Kutta methodology integrators for determination the advanced differential equations. All the numerical analysis is compiled into the program and it doesn’t need the other package to perform the calculations or show graphs etc. It conjointly permits versatile, simple to use condition specification by the user.