HEINZMANN DCDesk V6 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle

Configuration softwareThe HEINZMANN PC program DcDesk 6 can be used with any of the digital HEINZMANN systems, such as speed governors, engine monitoring units, electronic fuel injection, generator sets and electric drives controls, to adjust and view operational data.

It offers a number of numerical and graphical features required for testing, configuration, commissioning and servicing.


Extensive functionality for recording of operational data enables logging of specific service conditions for their further analysis, processing and reporting.Using DcDesk 6, the parameters of any connected device may be adjusted and online response of systems may be observed.

It is also possible to adjust parameters with the device disconnected and to load the data set into the device later on.

Each DcDesk 6 user can create own dashboards for various HEINZMANN controls best suit to specific application demand or to use preconfigured ones.

DcDesk 6 BenefitsGraphical representation of up to 20 measured values in relation to time.

Graphical representation of 19 measured values in relation to a X oneEvent triggered data logging, and long term recording of operational data (endless record, circular buffer)

Customisable dashboards, parameter groups, characteristic maps & curve selectionsDetailed overview of the operational and diagnostic parameters solenoid actuated injectors and valves Ideal for detailed diagnostics of all HEINZMANN control units.

Service Program Package for Digital HEINZMANN Systems

The HEINZMANN Group boasts a combined total of sixteen global subsidiaries, including nine production sites and an international distributor network. HEINZMANN’s electric drives bear testimony to both its capacity for innovation and its skill for developing engine technologies for the future.

With over 50 years experience in combustion engine control technology, the HEINZMANN Group are specialists in generator control solutions – whether in island or mains parallel operation, for single or group genset applications. The systems have been applied to diesel, gas, dual-fuel and heavy fuel engines, from single operation to multi-generator installations. Applications range from power stations in hospitals, banks, airports and water treatment works to mining sites throughout the world.
The scope of functions includes