Hauptwerk 4.2.1 Sentinel HL Dongle

Hauptwerk 4.2.1 Sentinel HL Dongle

Learn why Hauptwerk is that the world’s leading virtual organ code.
Classical and Theatre Organs
Perform just about on a number of the world’s best classical and theatre organs.
Playable by MIDI
Connect your MIDI organ or keyboard to a laptop to start enjoying.
It’s easy to line up Hauptwerk in your home to use for follow or study with first virtual instruments
Live Performance
Hauptwerk could be a powerful instrument for homes of worship and venues from concert halls to theaters.

Begin taking part in quickly.
Hauptwerk includes a thirty stop English symphonic organ recorded from St. Anne’s, Moseley in Birmingham,

England. This instrument contains many advanced options to demonstrate the ability of Hauptwerk,

together with expression, tremulants, crescendo, bass and melody couplers furthermore as a completely

operating combination system a dead ringer for the first organ. Multiple console show pages provide numerous stop vertical

layouts and access to even additional controls together with a crescendo pedal and tutti piston software engineer board.