Giben GdriveQ License

Giben GdriveQ Test with custom License

Machine management package with real time graphic show developed

by Giben to run among MicrosoftTM WindowsTM multitasking OS.

G-DRIVEQ directly controls all the machine movements.

The machine layout and cutting patterns area unit presented scale on the screen.

throughout job execution or simulation mode, all machine operations and components

movements area unit displayed on the screen in real time. The direct management of all the machine functions facilitates diagnostic and troubleshooting,

therefore enabling  quick and economical drawback finding. most automation, information input and simple use, reduction of cycle times, optimisation of the axis movements, automatic saw blade projection adjustment, cutting speed calculated in line with the stack height, information transmission via network or pen-drive and dynamic label printing. – Graphic simulation in real time of the varied operative phases (RTG System). – Graphic show on scale of cutting patterns. – simple programming even of terribly complicated cutting patterns. – simple start-up from interrupted jobs. – Statistics and planned maintenance.

Options on request: G-PLAN on Bord, automatic generator of cutting patterns on board machine. more choices on request: G-PLAN Industrial, G-PLAN skilled and il G-PLAN Full, upgraded package versions for improvement of cutting patterns and data flow, scaling down the prices of the size centre.