Gerber Cutworks Test with Sentinel RMS License

The CutWorks Software described in this manual consists of several modules for working directly with cut job files:

Base Module. Use the Base Module (or right-click for Select Mode) to open job files and to perform a variety of job processing functions before cutting. Refer to Chapters 2, 3, and 4 for more information on using the Base Module.

Gerber Cutworks

Nesting modules. Use the optional nesting modules to move parts around the material to obtain a better fabric yield. The list of nesting modules: Manual Nest, AutoNest Plain, AutoNest Pro, ComposiNest, AutoNest Match, and AutoNest Leather. The modules you use depend on how nesting is done at your facility. Refer to Chapter 5 for more information on using the nesting modules.

SimulNest Module. Use the optional SimulNest Module to run a second AutoNest computer. Refer to the CutWorks Software System Administration Guide for more information on this module.

Matching modules. Use the optional matching modules to match parts to the fabric or to other parts. The matching module, Projector Match, is primarily used on the DCS 3500/3600 cutting machines. See the Getting Started for the DCS 3500/3600 cutter for information about the Matching Module.

ToolPath Module. Use the optional ToolPath Module to improve how the job will be cut, saving time and wear on the cutting machine. Refer to Chapter 6 for more information on using the ToolPath Module.

Administrator Module.

This module is required to use Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). This module is a license agreement that allows many computers installed and on a network (called clients) to access one database. Refer to the CutWorks Software System Administration Guide for information on using the Administrator Module.

Client Module. This module provides access to a database that is used to organize and process cut jobs. This module uses work orders to organize information that is stored in the database on a network. You can access the information in the database to create detailed reports about material usage, yields, cutting time, and other important information relating to production.

This module is required with Taurus cutters. Refer to the CutWorks Software System Administration Guide for information on using the Client Module.

Vision Module. Use the Vision Module to scan leather hides, locate markings on hides, perform camera calibrations, and other tasks that require a camera. The Vision module is available only for machines with a camera installed.

CADLink Module. Use the optional CADLink Module to create, digitize, and edit parts using a program based on AutoCAD. This allows for the seamless transfer of new or edited parts between the CADLink Module and Base Module.