GenePix Pro Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

GenePix Pro Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


GenePix® professional code from Molecular Devices is that the trade normal in microarray image analysis due to its distinctive

combination of imaging and analysis tools, visualizations, automation capabilities, performance and ease-of-use.

With multiplexed image acquisition and automation options of GenePix professional seven code, the most effective simply got higher.

MULTIPLExED IMAGE ACqUISITIONWith your predefined settings you are doing not have to manually scan every individual array any longer.

choose multiple scan areas on one microarray and set your scan parameters for freelance scans and click on on information Scan All. A scanner controlled by GenePix Pro7 code can do the image acquisition and save the pictures to your required location.POWERFUL SPOT-FINDING ALGORITHMSManual gridding isn’t any longer necessary. Analyze any microarray quarrel image from any scanner, as well as hexagonally packed arrays, employing a set of proprietary powerful spot-finding algorithms in GenePix professional code. world alignment algorithms confirm the interpretation, rotation and skew of blocks of options. additionally to finding circular or sq. options, GenePix professional code has Associate in Nursing edge-detection possibility for segmenting on an irregular basis formed options from background.