FujiFilm XMF Workflow Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

FujiFilm XMF Workflow Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle


Built for speed and potency

XMF has tools to enhance efficiencies throughout your business, handling advanced PDFs with ease. V

ictimization Fujifilm’s Pure PDF implementation of the newest Adobe PDF Print Engine, XMF

ensures that equipped files are often processed very quickly. And, as a result of XMF uses the newest Adobe technology, maintaining with applications is simple.
Built for automation and adaptability

Although straightforward to use, with a ‘one screen’ production window, XMF provides complete management and adaptability in production. And, with its JDF foundation, XMF is in a position to link simply to MIS systems, reducing job preparation time still as providing real time price knowledge. All the functions you’d expect in an exceedingly work flow are offered in XMF – remote submission, pre-flighting, trapping, and in fact color management, all aboard Fujifilm’s advanced imposition functions.