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The innovation of Euromac machines also includes their programming. Now, TopPunch software is also available in a touch screen version.

This package retains all the specific features of TopPunch®, but as the name suggests it runs on a 21.5-inch backlit LCD touch screen.


Brighter and bigger screen.
Updated and simplified graphics.
Extremely sensitive. It can also be used with work gloves.
Step by step forward and backward view.
Optional for the entire range of Euromac machines.
Wi-Fi integration.


Easypunch is a CAD / CAM nesting software designed specifically to automate the programming of numerically controlled punching machines.

offers an advanced, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which improves efficiency during programming.

manages autoindex tools, multiutool stations and all types of tools, from the most standard ones to forming, offset, drilling, threading, stamping tools, and more.

offers the possibility to choose between automatic and semi-automatic nesting as well as manual, ensuring high flexibility and optimal performance. The combination of automatic and manual nesting functions (copy, move, grid rotation) turns out to be an extremely powerful tool.

Easypunch PLUS is an automatic nesting tool that optimizes the arrangement of components on the sheet, offering different options for common punching on regular and irregular pieces.

Other features of Easypunch:

Euromac TopPunch Dongle

Teamwork – This system is capable of operating autonomously or within a network. Thanks to the floating license option, access to the system can be performed by multiple users.
Parametric components library – The EASY Punch solution has a large library of parametric components to which the user can add his own drawings.
Open Database – Open database that allows the user to access it to find components, production orders, sheets, etc. using criteria such as: material, thickness, customer, date, etc.
2D design – Thanks to advanced geometric options, the user can draw any two-dimensional geometry quickly and easily. The CAD system includes copying, symmetry, scaling, geometry verification and correction of design discrepancies.

Intelligent import / export – EASY Punch can be connected to the main CAD systems on the market (DXF, DWG, IGES, DSTV, etc.).
Integration – EASY PUNCH works with the most popular 3D design systems (SolidWorks®, Autodesk Inventor®, Solid Edge®, Catia®, and others.)
Calculation of real times and costs – EASYPUNCH calculates times and costs per piece and per sheet. With this information, the user can process offers, check the work volume for each machine and print all the necessary reports.