EucaSoft 4.9 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle / Clone / Emulator

EucaSoft 4.9 Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle / Clone / Emulator.

Touch is enough
The EuCaSoft® touch-screen cash register operator software is the innovative booking and information system for gastronome operators. Operation is by touching the screen, where a groundbreaking concept in the user interface guides the user with easily understandable functions through the system. By switching over the user interfaces, only the key fields which are actually required for the particular desired work sequence are displayed. Through this clear structure, handling is substantially simplified, and errors are avoided.

Everything is under control
Beyond pure bonuses, EuCaSoft® allows the realization of a complete gastronomy information and management system. EuCaSoft® can be freely adapted to the organizational structure of the gastronomy operation with freely assignable article, function and system buttons. Comprehensive statistics on company data are always available quickly and reliably.