ESPRIT Sentinel CAD CAM SOFTWARE test with SuperPro UltraPro Dongle Backup Clone

What is?

Esprit CAM software is software that is used to transfer the most popular processes. Such as Lathe, CNC, Wire Erosion to the Machine.

About the ESPRIT Sentinel

Machining may be our industry, but we’ve got the fast-moving spirit of a tech company. Established in 1982 by industry veterans Dan Frayssinet and Paul Ricard, DP Technology has grown to approximately 250 employees in 21 offices across three continents.

ESPRIT Sentinel

The ESPRIT Program is not sold on this site. The only reason it is published here is because the transactions we have made are reference.

The program uses the Sentinel SuperPro dongle, and after our customer. Sent us the dongle dump file, we started working.
After the tests on our own computer, the tests of our customers were very successful.

Our customer wanted to make it to you. Optionally, we can make a hardware backup. In order to have a backup, you must first have the licensed dongle that was purchased.

Dongle emulation functions:

  • Digital signed.
  • Unlimited computers can install (Don’t Need any Authorization code).
  • Not have any time limit.
  • Easy Install.
  • Compatible Windows 10 x64 new build

If desired, we can take backups as hardware. So what can be the use of hardware backup? The benefit of this is as follows. If your staff does your transactions, not yourself, and you have a trust problem, you can choose to have it copied hardware.

Since we have been in this market for 20 years. I hear a lot. Employees can report that the company is using a program with a crack. By using unfounded notice when the work limit is over. When it is detected that it is used as redundant in the examinations. There is no problem, but it is annoying to experience this.