Eddyfi TubePro Software Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Eddyfi TubePro Software Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


Easy to Use

TubePro was developed with attention on simple use. it’s simple to be told the tube mapping edition tools featured within the software system.

you’ll be able to simply add, delete, and edit tubes, likewise as standard functions like undo supply a well-known feel to TubePro. absolutely customizable drawing, legends, and report templates supply speedy and consistent reportage capabilities across your organization.
Photographic Tube Mapping

Tube maps will be generated with manual piece of writing tools or proprietary picture recognition technology referred to as SDS. Users merely transfer a photograph to TubePro and SDS mechanically detects tube locations. Multiple areas of tubes will be classified, organized, and numbered separately.

Information Management info

TubePro four incorporates a intrinsical info management info (IMD) facultative groups and people to centrally store, share, and employ client, company, equipment, inspection, and the other knowledge.

One-click 3D Modeling

D models of entire tube bundles, together with defects, support plates, headers, and nozzles will be created with one click. No would like for any external CAD system or modeling skills. Multiple views of 3D models will simply be enclosed into reports and be exported to common 3D model files.