Eddyfi Magnifi Hardlock Dongle Clon

Eddyfi Magnifi Test with Hardlock Dongle Clone and Emulator


Magnifi may be a perpetually evolving, integrated magnetic force scrutiny knowledge acquisition and analysis software package.

It boasts Associate in Nursing intuitive graphical computer program (GUI) suited to fashionable devices,

powerful reportage functions and knowledge management, still as easy scrutiny configurations.
Magnifi supports the foremost scrutiny technologies for conduit and surface inspections with single-element and array probes.

With its powerful GUI and options, there’s no got to switch back and forth between many software package any longer.
Easier-than-Ever GUI

The utterly redesigned GUI is created for contemporary devices, reducing the training curve and increasing productivity.

Highly Customizable

Magnifi four makes it extraordinarily simple to make bespoke acquisitions and report summaries, layouts that you just will use in numerous setups, to set up keyboard shortcuts, or perhaps add new info fields to layouts.

Powerful reportage

Creating scrutiny reports has ne’er been very easy. The Magnifi four report generator allows you to settle on totally different sections, that embrace a defect table, Associate in Nursing scrutiny outline in conduit applications, and a screen capture appendix. you’ll be able to export your reports to plain formats or save defect tables to be used with a compatible third-party tubesheet mapping software package.