Eclipse BeamTOOL 9 Tested with Sentinel HL Hardlock Dongle

Fast, Easy, Open Technique Development For NDT

The industry’s leading UT technique development computer code BeamTool continues to be developed and improved with the discharge of BeamTool nine.

eminent inspections begin with an idea and BeamTool makes it simple to model, validate and document your Phased Array, TOFD and traditional supersonic scrutiny plans confidently.

Easy to use and powerful, BeamTool has continuing to evolve and supply tools to boost proficiency and accuracy of supersonic inspections.

From technicians within the field, to researchers and authors, BeamTool provides the indispensable toolset for the NDT trade.
Also side and Enhanced:

PAUT Beamset Quality Assessment
Simulation Add-On enhancements together with S-Scan rendering
standard Probes currently have a “Both” sound mode just like the Phased Array Beamsets
standard currently includes a “Skip off Weld” Mode
Hot Keys to suspend snapping and alternative (save, open…)
Indication positioning handles in high read
Highlighted Beam is displayed in 3D

Piping or arced activity Blocks are currently supported within the normal calibration block designer enclosed with BeamTool nine.

Add notches within the circumferential plane and therefore the curvature are revered. Generate drawings which will be provided to a workshop. Vertical FBH’s and thru Holes are currently supported for each flat and arced activity blocks.