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Easy Loom Explorer  legit software

developed by using PROMATECH S.P.A. With this application it’s viable to
Create, approach, print dobby patterns to be woven on weaving machines.
Create, approach, print color patterns to be woven on weaving machines.
Convert dobby patterns and colour patterns consistent with the

exclusive forms of weaving machines.

Transfer dobby patterns from and to pocket Staubli through serial line.
Switch dobby patterns instantly to the loom through serial line.

Display, print, export loom facts files, i.E. Laptop operation knowledge.
Show, print, export loom stop historical past records, i.E.

Knowledge related to the most contemporary loom stops.
The program is absolutely produced by Promatech S.P.A,

and operates with windows 98 2000 XP.

SP 251
P 401
P 1001
SP 1151
9000 PLUS
Leonardo Silver
Silver HS
Silver Dina Terry
Thema 11
Super Excel
Alpha PGA
Mythos E-TEC

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