Det-Tronics S3 Shell Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Det-Tronics S3 Shell Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Det-Tronics is happy to announce the discharge of the S3 package Version ten.15.0.10.

Latest package enhancements include:

Support for Windows ten
Button practicality for project conversions from Serial to local area network and contrariwise
ASM/ASH Editor enhancements
AIM Channel Out Of vary warning messages
New Default Activation Time for regular Outputs
Clear Button for clearing world and native Memory

The following functionalities are accessible via the serial and local area network ports:

User programming
Configuration purpose Displays
Modbus and AB moves

S3 contains all of the data required for straightforward associate degreed correct configuration of any Det-Tronics or third-party device that’s compatible with an Eagle Quantum network. Its graphic operative atmosphere greatly simplifies the creation of logic for gas and hearth detection, hearth suppression, and annunciation.

To provide full and straightforward communications among alternative existing systems, S3 is accessible with an OPC server which will offer safety-system information from several sources to distributed management systems or alternative OPC-compliant systems.

For all system-compatible field devices, S3 provides distinctive purpose Displays, that are graphical screens that organize associate degreed show info in an easy-to-read format. additionally to displaying time period detector standing of all the available devices, a one-minute running trend is superimposed over the alarm setpoints. On applicable devices, standardization history is additionally accessible to keep up records.​