Dental Softworks DS CAM Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Dental Softworks DS CAM Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


The open 5-axis simultaneous CAM solution uses given CAD / CAM technology and impresses with an unprecedented ease of use and speed.

Precision can be that fast

With the DS CAM, dental technicians bravely combine their handcrafted expertise and aesthetic thinking.

Efficiency does not arise for us until a completely satisfactory end result is achieved by using little time.

Take your time for a decision that will change a lot.

With DS CAM you are working more efficiently than ever before.

Even if you’re not into the depths of the Cam, you can still get high-quality results through the automatic mode.
– And that from the first day of use.

The concern that they have to study the CAM before continuing their daily work is unfounded.

With intelligent templates, numerous automations and an interface that will take you from the beginning to the hand,

with the DS CAM you have self-paced, innovative software that is already waiting to make your everyday life easier.