Cybermed OnDemand3D

Cybermed OnDemand3D Tested with Sentinel Hasp HL Dongle.

OnDemand3D ™ is a complete imaging solution used by dentists, researchers, orthodontists and many others. It is module-based software that allows DICOM data to be stored and accessed from anywhere in the world, and includes a variety of customizable tools to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Each OnDemand3D module is designed for use in a specific dental area. Check out our offerings and create your own user package to meet your diagnostic or research needs.

Start with a high density area and look at the entire skull in one minute.

With OnDemand3D Streaming, the unique DICOM streaming technology developed by Cybermed, you can access patient data at incredible speeds. The OnDemand3D server compresses DICOM data using the JPEG2000 algorithm and first sends high-density information. Within a minute you can see the skull and start researching or planning treatment. OnDemand3D continues to send data by filling in the blanks during your review.

Cybermed OnDemand3D Implant planning

OnDemand3D ™ offers a complete implant solution that allows you to plan operations and order personalized surgical templates with your details at very affordable prices.

OnDemand3D is all you need to plan implant surgery. Highlight the mandibular canal and place implants from our library of life-size implants from all the major manufacturers on the market today. From the simulation, you can determine the size of the implant device as well as the depth and direction of drilling. Then place your surgical order on the template using In2Guide. The surgical templates produced by Cybermed have been clinically proven to be very accurate and safe.

OnDemand3D application: complete application and dentistry

The OnDemand3D application can process DICOM data by importing DICOM data to a local database or remote location, eg. B. OnDemand3D server or remote PACS server. The OnDemand3D Application is a modular solution and offers two main packages: Complete Application and Dental.

The OnDemand3D app includes all the essential modules and is ideal for orthodontists, oral surgeons, implantologists, endodontists and other professionals. Each module is designed to meet the needs of a specific tooth area.

OnDemand3D Dental is a light version of the OnDemand3D app and is ideal for general practitioners or those who need to perform general diagnosis, treatment planning and patient reporting.

Each module has the same user interface. Once you are familiar with one module, learning another module is very easy. The following modules are available in Complete Application and Dentist, and additional modules are available for both applications.

Cybermed OnDemand3D server

The OnDemand3D server processes data storage and streaming from DICOM to the OnDemand3D client. With the JPEG2000 image format, OnDemand3D Server offers a way to store your data efficiently and transfer it at incredible speeds. It can save your data in its original format or in JPEG2000 format, which allows data to be compressed to 1/20 of its original size. This increases storage efficiency and significantly reduces data loading times.

Unlimited access to the OnDemand3d client. You can access the OnDemand3D server via another DICOM visualizer with PACS communication function. DICOM-compressed data is automatically compressed when data is fetched from a DICOM viewer other than the OnDemand3D client.

Cybermed OnDemand3D

server is a great solution for storing imaging centers and dental clinics with a CT Cone Beam device. You can manage and store your DICOM data on a central server and avoid duplicating data across multiple workstations. Get the OnDemand3d Server now to start working on patient records from your home, office or anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

In2Guide uses the powerful OnDemand3D 3D engine to create 3D DICOM data volumes for intuitive process planning. Everything you need for implantation can be found here, from accurate simulation of patient data to neural tagging and implant placement. You can then turn your virtual planning data into true custom surgical templates with depth and angle controls by ordering directly from In2Guide. High-quality surgical templates are sent and received within days of ordering.