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Cubus Engineering Software Test With Aladdin Hardlock Dongle


Slabs and Buildings

CEDRUS could be a terribly economical tool for the analysis and style of slabs and buildings. it’s designed to be used for each day

issues and doesn’t need Finite part specialists. many choices are offered for special functions as shown below

Frame structures

STATIK could be a program for the linear-elastic analysis of general 3 dimensional frame structures consistent

with the theories of 1st and second order and despite the range of prospects in static modelling and within the

analysis of results it’s defined by terribly easy and uniform operation. along with its further modules it’s a comprehensive tool for the analyses of plane and abstraction framework structures.

Cross Sections
Definition and Analyses

FAGUS permits the definition of cross sections to be utilized in varied Cubus programs. With its choice Analyses it becomes a tool to unravel a good vary of cross section tasks, principally within the field of strengthened and prestressed concrete structures. genus Fagus conjointly deals with skinny walled cross sections and calculates their shear center and shear stress distribution thanks to shear forces and torsion. SIA, EC2, DIN, OeNorm are amongst the supported standards.

Geotechnical Analyses

LARIX could be a program for geotechnical analyses supported classic ways. Its graphical interface and also the clearly ordered out results create it a awfully userfriendly application. because of an entire documentation and plenty of intermediate results it’s attainable to grasp and reproduce all the performed calculations.