CostX Sentinel HL Dongle

CostX 6.6 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle / Clone / Emulator

The complete 3D/BIM and second estimating resolution

CostX® permits you to quickly and accurately kick off quantities from second drawings and generate automatic

quantities from 3D models / BIM exploitation the foremost advanced electronic takeoff system obtainable.

Prepare estimates, bills of quantities and tenders simply and every one during a fraction of the time and cost!

Why CostX®?

CostX® is Exactal’s top-of-the-range product. additional corporations square measure exploitation CostX® for his or her complete estimating resolution and square measure demonstrating sturdy returns on their investment. CostX® may be a powerful project cost accounting tool that permits estimators to apply the foremost advanced electronic takeoff system whereas clench BIM to deliver higher results to shoppers. It will cut back kick off time by up to eightieth.