Compusoft Winner Design Test with Sentinel Dongle

Kitchen design software

Design, present, offer, and order in minutes, not hours.

With one simple tool, you can create inspiring designs to give your customers an immersive 3D experience in minutes. At the same time, Winner Design makes the right offer and the right order so you can share it with your customers at the push of a button.

New winning designs 12

Keep customers happy with stunning designs that use an advanced imaging platform to bring your designs to life. The new Look Winner Design also offers a fresh, modern new look that makes kitchen design faster and easier.

Significant changes to Winner 12’s design

New user interface

Find what you need fast in a clean and modern user interface that makes design even easier.

Instant 3D drawing

Impress your customers with enhanced 3D imagery when you bring your project to life in front of them.

image editing

Improve the appearance of your image with new editing options that give you more control over the final image.

Enhanced usability

Get what you need for your design, pricing, and order easily in fewer clicks thanks to a variety of enhancements.

Compusoft Winner Design Data accuracy

Our data is unmatched. You can find your brand in the largest catalog database on the market, which is constantly updated by a team of data experts. And you can be sure that it is up-to-date, accurate and enriched with images, links and details that will make your lift and sales easier. Unmatched support Get comprehensive training from the start so you can get the most out of your software. Local support is always available. The call specialist can handle your requests with just one call in three calls.

Integrated solution

Integrated system for design, presentation, quotation and ordering. By simplifying the custom design process, you – and your customer – save time and the risk of costly mistakes.

Compusoft Winner Design Quote exactly

Quote sure. Prices for each product are current and very accurate. It even asks you to add forgotten items like desktops and pedestals so you don’t get out of your pocket. And you can handle the end result by checking your margins in real time while you create your design.

Message without problems Make planning easier with an automatically scaled, annotated and branded 2D plan that includes the heights and features registered for your installer.

Simple design

Create stunning designs in under 20 minutes with a variety of automated tasks that strive to make your vision a reality. Do you need a base and table to surround the wardrobe? Different styles or colors? No problem. Everything is done with one click without the need to restore from scratch.
Show off Brilliant

Our photorealistic 3D images bring your designs to life so your customers can step into their dream kitchen for that amazing moment. And this can be done in minutes, not hours.