Compusoft Winner Design 9 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle

Compusoft Winner Design 9 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle


Sales tool for room dealers

Winner style may be a powerful sales tool designed specifically for room dealers. because of the exceptional user-friendliness and powerful, automatic integration in Winner style, you’ll be able to produce advanced room styles in minutes.

The fully integrated system with all parts running on identical info and forever act with one another in real time, permits Winner style to not solely increase the potency of your sales and style department however conjointly improve your profits by minimising the chance of errors and by providing higher tools and procedures to follow-up comes.

Exceptional user friendliness

Winner style may be a fantastic program: fully integrated, very effective and terribly intuitive. This quick and powerful program is straightforward to be told and straightforward to use. Free your mind from IT and technical matters and focus on customers’ needs and wishes so as to form their dream room change state.

The easiness of Winner style can assist you to concentrate actively to your customers and shut sales deals quicker. the automated functions and also the access to the biggest library of manufacturers’ catalogues within the market can without doubt cause palmy results.