COMPROTware Test Tool Wibu Dongle / Clone / Emulator / Crack

COMPROTware Test Tool Test With Wibu Dongle / Clone / Emulator / Crack

Testtool is AN integrated check and analysis tool for transmission protocols for telecontrol systems.

This tool permits the event, testing and operation of stations mistreatment the transmission protocols.
With COMPROTware:Testtool (short CPTT) you’ll simulate a central or sub station of a telecontrol system or follow the communication between them.

You receive a continous realtime show with a versatile output of the various communication layers.
The protocol traffic is logged to a file at any time. you’ll send single or periodical message lists,

that will contain whimsical incorrect info. For the Offline Analysis, the log files could also be accustomed draw right conclusions.

CPTT has unfold wide round the globe throughout the last years


COMPROTware Test Tool