Chroma ATS Model 8000 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Chroma ATS Model 8000 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Switching Power Supply ATS Model 8000

The vividness Power provide Automatic check system Model 8000 is that the final answer for power electronic testing.

The system includes a good vary of hardware alternative like AC/DC Sources, Electronic masses, DMM, Oscillate Scope, Noise analyser and Short /OVP Tester. This flexibility combined with its open design software package platform-PowerPro III, provides users a versatile, powerful and price effective check system for pretty much every kind of power provide testing.

The 8000 check system uses a singular check command improvement technology to stop repetitive management commands from being sent to the system hardware devices.

This improve check speed dramatically and makes the vividness 8000 a perfect alternative for each high speed production applications also as style verification.

The 8000 check system includes a classy check government which has pre-written check things covering most business customary power provide tests.

User might also produce new check things by employing a special check item writing operate. this offers users the potential to expand the check library unlimitedly.

PowerPro III conjointly includes power Fulani report, data point and management functions,

creating the s ys tem capable to get volt-ampere ious tes t document s and per forming s ys tem administration. as a result of the check and applied math repor ts are critically impor tant in trendy factories for R/D analysis, QA verification and production tests, these functions are AN integral a part of the system.

Working beneath Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/7 the model 8000 provides check engineers with a zealous power provide check system in

AN easy-to-learn Windows setting and permit access to resources provided by Windows.

Comprehensive check things

The Model 8000 automatic power provide check system comes customary with AN ready-to-wear check item library covering most business customary power provide tests. not like ancient Greek deity software package, users don’t must have artificial language background to form new check things. Instead the Model 8000 permit users to use pre-compiled check things and to modify process check conditions and specifications.

The comprehensive check things cowl seven classes of power provide testing necessities.

OUTPUT PERFORMANCE checks the final performances of the UUT. INPUT CHARACTERISTIC verifies the input parameters of an influence provide.

REGULATION tests the steadiness of the UUT beneath varied linein and loading changes. temporal arrangement AND TRANSIENT measures the transient state throughout input, turn-off or once events occurred. PROTECTION TESTS triggers the protection circuit of the facility provide. Finally, the SPECIAL check and also the SPECIAL options provides suggests that {to check|to check} the foremost subtle power provides once distinctive test routines are required.