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CHACAL XXI 21 Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Dongle


In the search for software for your job, you will certainly have noticed that there are two main families: calculation software which offers timid drawing options and the opposite: superb drawing software which, somehow , attempt to manufacture or calculate a price.

In 1993, when we started the study of what was going to be our product of the 21st century, we refused this kind of compromise and attacked the problem at the base. This is how CHACAL XXI was born, and then CHACAL iX. Its secret: a coexistence, in a single database, of graphic (drawing), technical (dimensions, etc.) and administrative (price, etc.) data for your products.

At each stage, we use the information in a directly usable form, without conversion or loss of time.

Today, CHACAL is therefore not part of any of these 2 families of compromise. To generate the technical plans (opposite) completely automatically, we will of course read the drawings provided to you by your system designer (or ourselves, with his agreement). On the other hand, to calculate the flow, CHACAL uses the manufacturing dimensions directly.

All the software on the market up to the present has struggled hard to be user–friendly. With CHACAL we are in addition offering you a natural application program. This means that, whenever possible, it speaks your everyday language : the language of the fenestration manufacturer.

For example, to enter your sections, no complicated formulas or tedious manuals to study! By clicking with the mouse on the drawing, show it the few main points and CHACAL will do the rest!
Innovation does not mean following fashion

At present in your area, IT experts are upping the ante with regard to graphics, colour and the “prettiest” screen. Of course, in all these aspects, CHACAL is not lagging behind. It will allow you the craziest shapes, in order to satisfy all the requirements of the most demanding architects.

However, once the demo enthusiasm has been forgotten and you must “explain” to it your 5 possible options for cills, you will discover where the real assets of a software program lie : in its adaptability in answering your needs.

Some Numbers

CHACAL calculates 47,500 windows per day worldwide 40 years of experience in designing software for manufacturers, retailers and window installers 7500 daily users worldwide.