CAD-PLAN ATHENA 2017 Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

CAD-PLAN ATHENA 2017 Sentinel HL Test with Dongle Clone / Crack

A new structural analysis module, a replacement tool for the location of profiled sheets,

a replacement ERPlus® link – with the exception of the expanded

practicality and therefore the optimized user-friendliness,

varied innovations square measure enclosed within the upgrade to Athene 2017.

varied requests from Athene users are incorporated, creating the new Athene version even additional powerful and easy.

Placement set up for profiled sheets

ATHENA “Placement set up for profiled sheets”This new tool permits the totally automatic

placement of profiled sheet-metal panels inside any outlines, e.g. of walls or roofs, and therefore the elaborate output.

A sheet placement set up with labeling is generated from the specification of the location orientation (horizontal or vertical),

the selection of a profiled sheet from the Athene info and an overview via 2 diagonal corner points. throughout this method,

overlaps, tolerances and sheet thickness values will be determined.

With only one step, a elements list, within which identical elements square measure summarized,

will be output from the sheet placement set up. The sheets will be born-again to 3D objects with the command

“Object to solid body” – to Illustrate, to use them during a BIM project.

Additional texts for labels

ATHENA panel “Label / further text”Up to 6 individual attributes (items of information) will currently be appended to Athene objects.

they can’t solely be tagged, but rather, together with the mechanically allotted data,

they will be transferred to a BIM model, e.g. Autodesk Revit® or Navisworks®, by suggests that of International

Finance Corporation export. this is often conjointly important for transporting non-graphical data to a BIM model.