CAD Decor PRO 3 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone Emulator.

CAD Decor PRO 3

Comprehensive program intended for the design and visualization of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and other interiors of any type.

Combines the advantages of both CAD Kitchens. It allows for 3D modeling, designing using the bases of kitchen cabinets, designing bathrooms with the use of ceramic tiles, as well as editing and optimizing the ceramic tiles used. It has many unique arrangement functions, extensive furniture databases from various manufacturers, as well as a functionally advanced Professional Rendering Module. It is thanks to these features that one of the most versatile interior design programs.

CAD Decor PRO 3 Features

Program for the most demanding users who expect unlimited design freedom, the highest-quality visualization (rendering) as well as shortening and improve ing work in the interior design of any type. The program is suitable for designing all kinds of commercial and residential interiors, including entire apartments (including precise designs of bathrooms and kitchens), conference and banquet rooms, shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, etc.

the intuitive and clear user interface, ensuring quick and easy operation for both professionals and people who are just starting.
The modular structure of the program and interactivity of the design process – one program includes, among others:

  • Ceramic Tile Design Module with Tile Base Editor,
  • Module for Creating and Editing Your Own Cabinets, 3D.

Rich set of design and editing tools;

Many options for drawing and editing load-bearing walls and partitions, the ability to create elements of any shape based on your own patterns, a large selection of drawing tools, functions for inserting and editing kitchen cabinets, household appliances, and bathroom equipment, special functions to optimize the use of ceramic tiles, functions for placing, moving and rotating tiles, functions for changing the parameters of the joints and creating your own tile layouts.