Best Betriebs und Stellwerksimulation Sentinel SuperPro Clone

Best Betriebs und Stellwerksimulation Test with Sentinel SuperPro Clone


The BEST simulation is based on a proven many times

th simulation platform, with any interlockings can be simulated. So far, a variety
different interlocking techniques (mechanical, electrical tromechanical, relay, electronic) of different
simulated by other manufacturers. Here, for every application the specific functions and user interfaces reproduced in detail.

The simulation system is completely based on PC-Kompo

components (hardware and software). There are no components of an original system is the realization
and care of the system comparatively straightforward. An integration into existing IT structures is in the
Usually not necessary, but can be used to supply the Simulation with data from production systems (Infrastructure and timetable).
The simulation software meets the requirements of all Training areas and is available in different configurations used. Full-scope simulators form the
Jobs of modern control centers in all details and allow training of realistic scenarios. On these simulation systems, the exercise units controlled and monitored by trainers