AxioVision 4.9 Sentinel HL Clone

AxioVision 4.9 Test With Sentinel HL Clone/ Emulator


Material Science package for analysis and Engineering

Whether you’re a contemporary engineer or Associate in Nursing skilled in steel microstructure analysis –

AxioVision can guide you on to reliable and duplicable results. for straightforward operation, this imaging package offers a well tailored graphical interface with structured and straightforward to find out workflows tailored to industrial demands. You and your department can have the benefit of helpful functions like digital segmentation and measure tools. This package permits you to analyze the link between structures of various materials simply and to research their properties.

The practicality of AxioVision for material science and materials engineering expands unceasingly so as to fulfill the wants of your samples and applications. an outsized form of completely different package modules for industrial applications are on the market.