AWCSL TRICX Software Dinkey Dongle Clone

AWCSL TRICX Software Test With Dinkey Dongle Clone

The TRICX could be a multiple operator and multiple radio system mistreatment packet switch

technology over scientific discipline links to realize the desired communication methods. This has many major benefits over a circuit switched answer, cherish the flexibility to remotely web site the operators removed from the most switch, increasing responsibility and high levels of resilience and a convergence of technology. The system has been designed to supply high levels of redundancy or no single purpose of failure choices.

The TRICX relies around a 1u rack mounted, enterprise category server that managements the routing of audio and control packets between the operators, radio interfaces and phonephone gateways. The TRICX uses VoIP and RoIP technology to confirm most flexibility of the entire system, with the ability to own multiple hot standby servers ought to a high level of resilience be needed. telecommunication connections ar through trade commonplace SIP interfaces which may integrate with many sorts of phonephone systems worldwide.